Frequently Asked Questions

We realize that there may be many questions on what it means to have a Legacy Book done and how to get involved. Below we have include some of our most frequently asked questions

What is a Legacy Book?

A Legacy Book is a collection of reflections of your life in the form of a small bound book. After an extensive interview based on the type of Legacy Book you would like, our team creates a beautiful printed and bound book for you to share with your family. Together, we will reflect on your life, your accomplishments and the roles you have played in your life and write up your story together. You can learn more about the types of Legacy Books here

What Is Dignity Therapy?

Dignity Therapy, a psychological intervention developed by Dr. Harvey M. Chochinov has been designed to address many of the psychological, existential and spiritual challenges patients and their families struggle with towards the end of life. It is unique in its simplicity and ability to enhance meaning, direction and dignity of life for patients and families.

Our End of Life Legacy Book, rooted in the principles of Dignity Therapy, involve interviewing patients with a standard questionnaire developed by Dr. Chochinov, and collecting these responses in a written format for individuals and their families to cherish. You can learn more about it here.

What will I receive?

You will receive a small printed, hard cover and bound book that are a collection of reflections on your life from your interview. After your initial interview, we will transcribe your stories into a book. You will then be given a copy of the draft and given the opportunity to make any corrections or have us add any additional stories you would like for us to. We will then scan in any photographs you would like and format the book. A printed and bound copy will be given to you to share with your family.

How much does a Legacy Book Cost?

It’s free! We believe everyone has the right to have their stories told. Currently, receiving up to three books is free.

A recommended donation of $15/book is suggested , but this is not a requirement to having a book made.

We also provide the following at a small cost.*

Electronic Copy of Transcribed Interview on a USB flashdrive: $20

*If you cannot afford these please let our team know and we may be able to waive the fees.

Who can have a Legacy Book created?

Anyone! Although we are focused on patients in hospice/palliative care or those battling chronic illnesses, anyone who wants to record their stories is welcome to request a Legacy Book. We believe that every story deserves to be told.

What happens if the patient passes before the book is completed?

We offer remembrance books to the family of individuals who were unable to complete the Legacy Book interview or unable to see the final product. Details can be found by emailing us at

*We are not licensed therapists. We are providing Legacy Books for end of life patients and chronic illness patients but we are not providing a medical service*