What is Dignity Therapy

“Maintaining dignity for patients approaching death is a core principle of palliative care”

Dignity Therapy, a psychological intervention developed by Dr. Harvey M. Chochinov has been designed to address many of the psychological, existential and spiritual challenges patients and their families struggle with towards the end of life. It is unique in its simplicity and ability to enhance meaning, direction and dignity of life for patients and families. Many studies have shown the psychological benefits on both patients and their families who undergo dignity therapy.

Our process involves giving patients a standard questionnaire developed by Dr. Chochinov, and allowing patients to familiarize themselves with the questions. Then a member of our team will guide patients through the questions and record the narrative. By applying the Dignity Therapy Question Protocol developed by Dr. Chochinov, we hope to enhance end-of-life experiences by collecting these responses in a written format for individuals and their families to cherish.

You can learn more about dignity therapy by clicking the following resources:

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Dr. Chochinov’s Book, Dignity Therapy: Final Words for Final Days, available on Amazon

*We are not licensed therapists. We are providing Legacy Books for end of life patients by applying the principles of Dignity Therapy However, we are not providing a medical service*