Types of Legacy Books

We offer various types of books that have to do with what you’re looking for. We currently offer three options.

End of Life Legacy Book – this Legacy Book is designed for patients who are at end of life, and would like to transcribe stories from their life. We use principles based on Dignity Therapy and the goal of this book is to provide some relief and peace of mind at the end of life along with something for families to cherish after the passing of their loved ones.

Memory Book – this book is designed for patients who may have cognitive impairments due to diseases such as Alzheimer’s or Dementia that prevents them from being able to remember specific details about their lives. Instead we have designed a special interview that involves the patient and their family. We will then combine these answers with any photographs the family is willing to provide to create a book that feels more like a scrapbook.

Journey Book – our newest book is designed for patients who have been diagnosed with a serious chronic illness. This book is unique because unlike the others, individuals have an option for a longitudinal approach. After the initial interview, based on interest we can conduct short interviews over the course a few years to update the book staying true to your story.