Welcome to No Longer Voiceless

Hi Everyone!

My name is Bijou, and I’m the founder of No Longer Voiceless. I started this organization because I realized that there are many nonprofits that are all tapping into the same resources to do great things. Therefore, I wanted to create an organization to support existing nonprofits and the individuals they serve.

Nonprofits have to prioritize where their resources go, so sometimes they are unable to fund programs that they really want to that would be beneficial to the individuals that they seek to help. That’s where we come in. We help design and fund programs that our local partners think would benefit the individuals they serve. We tailor our programs to fit the needs of the specific communities that they serve and work closely with our partner organizations.

This week I started forming some partnerships, and I can’t wait to confirm them in the next few weeks. I’m so excited to share our progress with you as we begin our journey to help some amazing local organizations!

Check back here for more updates.

Sending Love,